Mega Hits 2020 🌱 The Best Of Vocal Deep House Music Mix 2020 🌱 Summer Music Mix 2020 #35

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Mega Hits 2020 🌱 The Best Of Vocal Deep House Music Mix 2020 🌱 Summer Music Mix 2020 #35
#SummerMusicMix #BestOfDeepHouse #HotSummer #SUMMERMIX2020 #SUMMERMUSIC2020
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Cut Off - Lonely:
Marc Philippe - We Were Younger:
GeoM - Back To You (Housenick Remix):
Marc Philippe - September Rain (Original Mix):
Marc Philippe - Dancer In The Dark (Original Mix):
Marc Philippe - Wait For This (GeoM Remix):
Marc Philippe - Deepest Blue:
Pete Bellis & Tommy - Treat Me Right (Nikko Culture Remix):
GeoM - Lost Paradise (Nikko Culture Remix):
Marc Philippe - You Love Me Tonight (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix):
Costa Mee - Around This World (Original Mix):
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    Track list ​0:00 - Coming Home - Moxura 3:21 - Cigarettes After Sex - K. (Klesh Remix) 5:14 - Emma Péters - Clandestina (Tommy Driker Remix) ​9:17 - DJ Goja - Wrong Way 14:34 - Sarah Blasko - All I Want (Edmofo Remix) 11:39 - Robert Cristian - Don't Give Up ​17:49 - DJ SK & Deepest & AMHouse - I Don't Want Your Love 21:57 - DJ Vianu - Back To You 24:53 - taBBa - Can'T Escape ​27:42 - Serge Legran - Still Care 31:24 - Stefre Roland ft. Igi, The Distance, Dj quba & Irina Los - Every Single Day (Te Distance, Igi) ​36:54 - SAINt JHN - Trap (edmofo remix) 39:38 - Translate AMK - I Follow Rivers ​42:12 - Solven & Hysaze - Summer Wave 45:36 - Alon Feat. Desiree Dawson - This Time ​48:08 - Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun Feat. Sophie - Flying ​50:46 - Kenn Colt - Sun Goes Down ​53:50 - Lunohurd - Lunohurd (Dusk Till Dawn) ​56:39 - Miza & Peter & Chris Linton - Us ​59:30 - Mar G Rock - Lost in Time (Extended Mix) ​1:02:38 - Quodës - Poison ​1:05:42 - Q o d ë s - Feel it ​1:09:14 - Gamper & Dadoni Feat. Ember Island - Creep ​1:11:50 - Marin Hoxha & Alexis Donn - Saving Me 1:14:40 - DJ Layla Feat. Malina Tanase - Don't Go (Suprafive Remix) ​1:20:12 - Tennebreck - By My Side ​1:23:24 - Robert Cristian - Sunrise In Your Eyes (Original Mix) 1:25:55 - Ali Bakgor - Over U ​​1:28:40​ - Mar G Rock Feat Spiros Hamza - Tell Me ​1:33:45 - Iceleak - Fighting Mirrors 1:36:24 - Yonetro & Alex Skrindo Feat. Babz Wayne - I Will Be Back ​1:39:54 - Mike Perry & David Rasmussen - Better Than This 1:43:23 - Clarx & Harddope - Castle 1:45:55 - Jay Sean - Maybe (Deepjack & @t Radio Edit) ​1:49:12 - Nora Van Elken - Find You 1:52:43 - Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Shoby Remix) ​1:55:49 - Panski Feat. Dana Kelson - In The Air Tonight ​1:58:38 - Alon Feat. Desiree Dawson - This Time 2:01:18 - Viva La Panda Feat. Ess Bogale - Cool ​2:03:19 - Dj Dark & Mentol - Memories (Radio Edit) ​2:06:30 - Carda Feat. Emily Falvey - Wasted ​2:09:00 - Lucas Estradas & Alex Alexander - Everything With You 2:11:43 - Gianni Blu - All I Wanna Do 2:15:11 - Haid Kpaquira - Everglow 2:18:30 - Diviners Feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love 2:23:20 - Daniel Liebt - Cruel Summer 2:26:30 - Anton Ishutin Feat. Ange - Let You Go 2:33:00 - Damaui - Let You In 2:36:39 - Damau - All My Love

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    Cупер музон 2021 на (youtube) канале :SIMPA-SIMPA.

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    Va spun povestea mea, despre un Golan Si cum ajunge el sa faca legea in Divan Incalca dreptul meu, incalca dreptul tau Ne mint cu “Specialisti” si vor, sa fim umiliti Cu asta se hranesc, din asta ei traiesc Si rad sub false masti de noi, iubirea o urasc Golanul “Imparat”, e cinic, ingamfat Nu vrea sarut si-mbratisari, vrea sa ne rupa din placeri Religii, etnii, ne-mparte, doar el da cu banul Ce ura zace-n el, cum a ajuns “Imparat” Golanul? Ii pasa doar de el, e cinic cu iubirea pura Noi plangem si iubim iar el, ne baga botnita la gura... Ne rupe legatura cu pamantul de cand lumea Sa fim testati si vaccinati, sa fim cobai, uraste lumea! Ne numara doar mortii, dar se nasc si copiii Golanul nu ne spune ca, mai sunt si ei vii Copiii ce se nasc au dreptul la viata normala Sa nu traiasca-n sticla lui, sa-i fie cobai pe viata... Intra pe link-ul de mai jos si asculta o piesa despre acesti golani care ne conduc! Un cântec - poveste, despre cum ajunge golanul, ticalosul imbracat in cravata, "Împarat" în lumea de azi in care traim. Nu e o inregistrare de studio, fara vocoder si alte efecte... sper sa va placa versurile cantate... Da mai departe, te rog!

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    после песни, всех телок сожрали акулы ???

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